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22 Mar 2017

Smoothwall announce 2017 Online Safety Workshops for schools - Where should we go next?

Following the success of Smoothwall’s online safety workshops to pupils, parents and staff at Rye St Antony on Safer Internet Day 2017, Smoothwall announce their Online Safety Roadshow plans for 2017.

The roadshow is set to visit a different school or college each month, educating pupils and parents on the importance of online safety, an important issue that is widely overlooked in today’s society. 

With 92.6% of the UK population having access to the internet in 2016 (Internet Live Stats), it’s vital that users understand what they could be at risk of whilst exploring Facebook for example.

Workshops will be tailored to your requirements, and can be delivered to pupils, staff and parents. Typical discussion topics include:

  • Safe image sharing
  • Safe use of social media including privacy and location settings
  • The risk of grooming and cyberbullying
  • Safe gaming
  • Digital footprint

Pupils at Rye St Antony found the discussion about the potential risks of sharing information on social media particularly interesting, with many pupils commenting they didn’t realise how easy it is for posts to reach people in places all over the world.

Parents were also surprised to hear that the majority of house insurance policies are invalid if you’ve shared a holiday photo or details of your trip online. More information about the workshops held at Rye St Antony can be found here.

Claire Stead, Online safety Ambassador at Smoothwall commented:

The internet is an extremely valuable tool when used correctly, but comes with high risks if used naively. Smoothwall are experts in keeping children safe in the digital era, but we’ve seen a lack of online safety knowledge in the community so these workshops aim to address this.

When you’re young everyone is taught how to cross a road safely and it should be the same with online safety, but these discussions aren’t happening. The workshops are also a good opportunity for us to explain to pupils and parents the role Smoothwall plays within schools, and put to bed that all we do is block games!

Smoothwall would like to hear from anyone that is interested in the opportunity to have a workshop at their school or college. To request more information, get in touch here.

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