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20 Dec 2016

Smoothwall bolster channel programme for 2017 after an influx of new partners join the portfolio

In 2016, Smoothwall made the strategic decision to move to a fully channel model, following a drive to improve the channel go to market strategy and onboard more high profile partners.

The initiative came following a string of successful new partnerships, and the need for a more focussed approach to optimising channel performance.

During 2016, Smoothwall improved the product portfolio to create a more distinct and direct message to its core markets; UK Education and Public Sector, and also developed a relationship with Gartner to help leverage industry experts to ensure the channel model was best of breed and in line with industry expectations.

Moving into 2017, the partner programme has been enhanced to incorporate a number of new features to maximise partners’ potential in selling products and services from Smoothwall. Head of Channel Sales at Smoothwall, Michael Miller, explains the decision to further improve the partner programme in 2017.

After a very successful first year as a fully channel business we wanted to ensure we were still moving forwards. The enhanced partner programme for 2017 is the culmination of 12 months engaging with our channel and working strategically with Gartner to improve our channel offering.

We believe strongly that the enhanced partner programme will allow for closer engagement with our partners and further empower those partners who are invested in Smoothwall to reap greater rewards.

The enhanced partner programme comes with a raft of new features, including a new rebate scheme for partners to capitalise on their performance and fairer margins on registered deals for premier and strategic partners. 

A main focus of the partner programme in 2017 is also to empower partners with the assistance they need to improve lead generation, and therefore Smoothwall have introduced the Partner Incentive Programme (PIP) which allows premier and strategic partners to apply for marketing funding for campaigns and new initiatives.

Partners are encouraged to work collaboratively with Smoothwall to create campaigns that will generate new business potential, and using the expertise of the Smoothwall marketing team it helps to expand the marketing function within a partner's workforce.

Smoothwall partners will also receive more training in 2017, a welcome addition by many but also a prerequisite for premier and strategic partners.

The Smoothwall Web Filter and Firewall Operator and Administrator accreditations have been updated for 2017, and will allow technical specialists at partner organisations to improve their knowledge of the product, ultimately allowing them to be more involved in the implementation and ongoing technical support process.

There will also be sales and marketing training available, which will allow partners to become trusted experts in Smoothwall’s messaging and brand, and ultimately become an extension of the Smoothwall team. 

When speaking to Smoothwall partners about the changes coming in 2017, one said:

"We always knew it would be worth investing in the Smoothwall proposition, not just because of their market leading technology, but also because of their commitment to their partners. Their dedicated staff are always on hand no matter what."

If you’re interested in finding out more about the Smoothwall partner programme, click here. 

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