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22 Jun 2017

Smoothwall teaches online safety to pupils and parents at Ingram Road Primary School

Earlier this week Smoothwall visited local school, Ingram Road Primary School, to educate pupils and their parents about the importance of staying safe online.

Aimed at younger years, our Online Safety Ambassadors delivered sessions to pupils aged between 4 - 11 and provided practical advice on how stay safe when playing online games and using social media.

In today’s society, it no longer comes as a shock when we hear that some children under the age of 13 are using social media platforms or playing games unsuitable for their age.

So when we began our first session of the day and asked the pupils of Upper Key Stage 2 if they used social media, it wasn’t surprising to see around 90% put their hands up.

As pupils at this age shouldn’t be using social media, we focused on the importance of privacy settings and image sharing, and warned about asking permission of others before sharing anything which could either embarrass or reveal personal information.

Gaming was also a topic of discussion as we explained about age restrictions, ratings and why it wasn’t a good idea to be playing games designed for adults.

It was fantastic to see so many pupils getting involved, with many asking lots of questions and revealing what they were going to do to make sure they stayed safe online.

Throughout the day we also delivered sessions to Lower Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 1 pupils. We taught the younger children a way to remember different steps on how to stay safe online, by inviting volunteers up to the front to help us demonstrate an online safety action using each letter of the word ‘SAFE’.

An all school assembly in the afternoon confirmed just how much the pupils had learnt throughout the day, with volunteers from each year invited to explain to the rest of the school what they had learnt and what they were going to do stay safe in the future. 

Parent’s joined us for our final session to learn about what we had discussed with their children and for an opportunity to hear how they could set an example and improve their own online safety.

Online Safety Ambassador for Smoothwall, Claire Stead commented:

"As a company we pride ourselves on keeping children safe online, but providing a product to help schools only just scratches the surface. By being able to go into schools and actually get hands on experience of teaching children about online safety is a great privilege for us, as it helps us to spread our important online safety message. Thank you to the staff, pupils and parents of Ingram Road Primary School for allowing us to run the workshops and who listened to our advice. If we even help just one child be more careful about who they speak to online, then we feel we’re doing a good job."

If you would like Smoothwall to host an online safety workshop in your school, please get in touch.

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