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Smoothwall’s products are designed to provide complete flexibility in deployment

Where a company with a large headquarters and many satellite offices may best suit a centralised deployment, an organization with a small number of quite large sites may choose to have a local appliance at each site. Large complex organisations may need a mixture of the two in a hybrid deployment.

S2 Appliance

Smoothwall's S2 appliance has been designed specifically for smaller installations such as Primary Schools or small business firewalls. Although small it is still mighty, with an Intel® Processor and 8Gb memory, with four 1GB ethernet ports and 128Gb solid state hard disk.


S4 Appliance

Most suited to a small to medium sized business or retail environment, the fully capable S4 appliance is ideal for use in a regional office in association with a larger appliance at your headquarters. The S4 can support between 10 to 500 users.


S8 Appliance

The S8 is our mid-level appliance, but it still packs a punch. With six, 1 Gb ethernet ports, 16 Gb of RAM, and a 1 Tb Hard disk, the S8 can handle moderately large environments and can achieve 300 Mbps download filtering in a customer configuration. The S8 supports between 500 and 3000 users.


S14 Appliance

Sitting at the high end of the spectrum, the S14 appliance is Smoothwall’s largest device. Ideal for use in data centres, large scale deployment clusters and organisations with multiple sites, this appliance supports between 3000 and 7000 users.


New S10 Appliance

Smoothwall’s new S10 appliance is ideal for a large school or organization. Fitting neatly between the existing S8 and S14 models, the S10 is a mid range appliance packing a high speed punch, providing filtering for up to 4000 users. Powered by an Intel Xeon E5 core processor, the S10 has a 2TB hard disk, offering plenty of storage for large school or office needs.

The S10-D variant offers a dual 2TB RAID-1 drive configuration for the added assurance of storage redundancy.


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