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Offering the most intelligent and effective monitoring solution for safeguarding in schools, FD Monitor is a real-time monitoring solution that alerts safeguarding staff to incidents as they happen. With a pre-graded-severity alert system, safeguarding staff can be safe in the knowledge that they can identify incidents rapidly should there be a need for urgent concern.

The intuitive and highly visual console uses heat maps which allows you to easily evaluate themes in student activity occurring online and offline in real-time, both during and outside of school hours. Intelligent pre-grading of incidents reduces the number of false positives meaning you can concentrate on providing support and education to the children in your care.

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"Thought you might like to know we had a Grade 5 suicide incident today at one school using the Cloud console. It showed up straight away using pre-grading meaning we were able to detect and respond to the incident very quickly. Brilliant."

Steve Holley

Did you know over 60% of safeguarding risks are captured offline?

With ease of use at the core of FD Monitor, safeguarding staff can see the concerns that matter most without having to trawl through every report. FD Monitor is designed to meet Ofsted requirements and comply with the Prevent duty and Keeping Children Safe In Education legislation, giving educators peace of mind that their digital devices in school both online and offline are fully guarded.

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Key Features

  • Intuitive Interface

    All incidents are displayed using highly visual heat maps and graphs, allowing you to quickly review performance, view individual alerts and view system information.
  • Image Capture

    Screen capture functionality sits within the solution, allowing any incidents that require investigation to be screen grabbed for later review or evidence.
  • Auto Pre-Grading

    Artificial Intelligence uses up-to-date risk libraries to automatically assign a level of risk to each incident, improving performance.
  • Real-Time Moderation

    Content is auto-moderated and pre-graded in real-time, allowing you to promptly identify and deal with issues of concern as they occur.
  • Multi-Language Support

    Able to monitor multiple languages including slang, colloquialisms, euphemisms and more.
  • Reports

    You can generate reports to view the activity of individuals and groups, and enable automatic reports.
  • Content Analysis

    Monitors everything a user types and everything displayed on the screen.
  • Flexible Data

    Easily look at, add and remove individual users ensuring you are GDPR compliant.
  • Alerts

    Alerts can be sent in real-time and can be customised by risk level.
  • Updates

    Easy to install technology with remote install options and updates.
  • Multi-device Support

    Available on Windows, macOS and iOS, including Chrome OS.
  • Cloud Based Storage

    No requirement for any local server infrastructure.

Coming Soon...

We will be releasing a new and intuitive visual interface for FD Monitor very soon. Watch our video for a sneak peak!

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