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Secure Web Gateway (SWG) analyses and categorises web content in real time without relying on URL blocklists which can quickly become outdated. 

Whether protecting you from inappropriate or illegal content, anonymous proxy usage, malware, or simply wasted resources, you can rely on zero day protection.

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“Secure Web Gateway effectively stops students wasting valuable lesson time on games or social sites and is very good at blocking proxy sites, which are a massive problem in most schools.” 

IT Manager, Lawnswood School

Only pay for the devices you decide to monitor

Control everything your users do on the web

SWG Web Filter from Smoothwall combines a powerful reporting suite, real-time activity monitoring, social media controls and bandwidth optimisation, with BYOD Policies, so you can now see and control everything your users do on the web – even when they’re using their own devices on your network, or taking your devices on the road. 

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Key Features

  • Content Aware Analysis

    Identify brand new web content on the web in real-time, long before URL blocklists
  • Who, What, Where, When

    Easily build filtering policies based on user, content, time and location
  • Daily reports

    Schedule customised reports on user activity and view requests in real time
  • BYOD Policies

    Filter guest mobile devices on your network including iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows
  • Social Media Controls

    Flexible tools to allow read-only access, block social gaming or remove inappropriate content
  • Bandwidth Optimisation

    Limit bandwidth use by user, content type, time or location
  • Search Filtering

    Filter and block specific search terms and report on users search queries
  • Layer 7 Application Control

    Control non-web traffic such as Skype and BitTorrent
  • Gateway Anti-Malware

    Protect your network from web-borne malware attacks
  • Anonymous Proxy Blocking

    Prevent circumvention of your Acceptable Use Policy
  • HTTPS Filtering

    Filter SSL traffic, including secure anonymous proxies
  • Multi-tenant Management

    Allow selected managers to modify block lists and access reports
  • Alerts & Notifications

    Get notifications directly to your devices for policy breaches and network outages
  • Authentication

    Easily integrate with Active Directory, eDirectory, Open Directory and more. Authenticate users with Kerberos, NTLM, RADIUS and SSL portal authentication
  • Google Integration

    Prevent non-domain log on, force Safesearch and comprehensively filter Google sites

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