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Appropriate Monitoring for Education

[viz-ee-go] moderates text analysis on a device, building a profile of a user and alerting a Safeguarding Officer once their profile risk becomes critical.

In a world where digital learning is fast becoming more common place within education, the emphasis surrounding Safeguarding and the online safety of children is also rapidly evolving. Legislation such as Keeping Children Safe in Education and The Prevent Duty have only solidified how high Government expectations are and the responsibilities schools have, to ensure appropriate procedures are in place to proactively monitor and protect children in their care.

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Visigo is the best monitoring solution I’ve come across! I would definitely recommend Visigo, especially to other FE and HE institutions!

Designated Safeguarding Lead, Birmingham Metropolitan College

Capture text input via the keyboard, whether
online or offline.

Designed to put you back in control

Visigo has been built to not only meet the needs of such legislation but has also been designed to put you back in control. Visigo provides the most advanced on-device monitoring that is moderated by vast AI technology and human specialists, meaning you can concentrate on providing support and education to the children in your care, with peace of mind that you will be alerted should an incident arise, you will be alerted by one of our expert moderators.

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Visigo is the only solution of its kind that continuously builds a profile of all users, allowing the system to accurately interpret between a one-off event or a consistent pattern of behaviour.

Key Features

  • Smart Profiling

    Builds an up to the minute profile of activity per individual, allowing the risk profile and context of a situation to be accurately analysed
  • Text Analysis

    Captures text input via the keyboard, whether online or offline, allowing you to monitor activity within encrypted sites and apps
  • Language Support

    Able to monitor a range of language styles including slang, colloquialisms, local language, abbreviations, euphemisms and more
  • 24/7/365 Human Moderation

    Content is reviewed by a team of moderators around the clock to analyse instances and alert Safeguarding Officers of any high risk incidents
  • Alerts & Notifications

    Alerts are based upon specific categories that are identified as serious incidents, and will be sent to your Designated Safeguarding Lead
  • Image Capture

    Screen capture functionality sits within the solution, allowing any online and offline incidents that require investigation to be screen grabbed for later review or evidence
  • Minimal Impact on Performance

    A light process using limited system resources, including when taking screen captures
  • Artificial Intelligence

    Uses machine learning to gather context before escalating for human moderation, improving performance and reducing false positives
  • Online Portal

    An online platform that allows you to review performance, view individual alerts and view system information

Introducing the new Visigo portal

As part of our dedication to continuously improve and develop our Visigo service, our product development team have recently implemented various updates to the solution, focussing in particular on refreshing the portal’s interface and UX. The Visigo portal is an online platform that allows you to review performance and analytics, and view system information.

The new dashboard provides you with a quick and interactive view of your school’s events with the ability to click through to view individual alerts. You also have the option to browse and filter based on risk category, risk level or per device, and if you manage several sites, the multi-organisation view will allow you to look at each site individually. Updates to the portal can be viewed by clicking on the video to your right.

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