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30 Oct 2017

Smoothwall for multi-academy trusts: Supporting compliant digital learning environments

With the education sector experiencing an ever challenging financial climate, it’s no surprise that Multi-Academy Trusts are finding it difficult to implement and maintain a security solution which both accommodates growth and helps standardise online safety policies.

As the government drives increased collaboration across multiple academy groups, one of the biggest challenges schools face is the joining of IT systems.

It’s not uncommon for schools to be at different stages when it comes to technology, with some schools flying the flag and adopting advanced infrastructures and policies, whilst others continue to struggle with the restrictions and un-compliancy of old wireless network systems.

With compliance against UK legislation and guidance such as the Prevent Duty and Department for Education (DfE) Keeping Children Safe in Education remaining high on the Safeguarding agenda, this poses an online safety risk.

Governors and Proprietors must now ensure they have the appropriate filtering and monitoring in place to fulfil their duty of care and safeguard students and staff against any online threats and harmful content.

Building a unified community

A recent survey conducted by the DfE found that 82% of MATs feel the creation of new opportunities to collaborate contributes to the decision of their schools becoming academies. In order for trusts to become unified in their approach of the use of technology, they must first onboard a shift in culture.

Bringing together technicians and their different levels of expertise and core values ensures a clear path is made, allowing for collaboration of new ideas, problem-solving and an overall undivided approach of standardisation.

For all staff involved, understanding and working towards the same goal is crucial. Ultimately MATs need to be able to collaborate effectively in order to implement and provide an IT infrastructure across the state, which not only enables leverage of economies of scale but which provides consistency; allowing for greater efficiency, increased productivity and improved delivery of service.

Accelerate your online safety performance

We understand that from each MAT to the next, needs differ greatly, which is why our product range has been designed to meet the complex requirements of Multi-Academy Trusts. 

Truly scalable and sustainable, Smoothwall offers flexible deployment options allowing systems to be managed both centrally, decentrally or as a combination of the two, providing you with a completely customised solution.

From our unique Safeguarding Suite designed to facilitate the effective provisioning of safeguarding in education environments to our advanced text analysis monitoring solution Visigo, Smoothwall has the cost-effective and flexible tools you need to ensure you meet and exceed Ofsted requirements and DfE legislation.

For more information or to discuss your options in further detail, request to speak with our MATs Specialist today.

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