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Cyber bullying on the rise

As digital technology marks the pathway to how children are educated, the risks around online safety are fast becoming a concern amongst teachers. With instances of cyberbullying and the viewing of homophobic, racist and pornographic material in the classroom at an all-time high, teachers are calling for more support to help with online safety issues.


Facts and figures from our report

Our special report has found that within the last twelve months, cyberbullying has increased by 37%, with 66% of teachers citing this as the biggest online safety concern in schools. Unprepared to deal with these issues, teachers have voiced their concerns that they just aren’t equipped with the right tools to teach the dangers of the online world, with the majority stating that the government should be doing more to help tackle the problem.

With all the benefits technology brings to education, such as increased efficiency for teachers and higher pupil engagement, what ways can we alleviate the dangers without dampening the ever-evolving process?


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As broadcast on Sky NewsRadio AireViking FM, plus many more, our new report shines light on the impact technology has within education and explores the increasing pressures faced by teachers to deal with cyberbullying and radicalisation in the classroom. Topics include:

- The positive impact of technology in schools

- The risks of a digitally transformed classroom

- Making online safety a shared responsibility

- Plus much more!

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