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17 Aug 2016

Whilst FOMO means big business for the tech industry, how can you monitor productivity?


Or for those not so well versed in the latest acronyms used by the youth of today; Fear Of Missing Out.

A term that has successfully made it into the Oxford English Dictionary and has been described as “anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on social media.”

As life passes many of us by as we go about our day to day responsibilities, there is a growing mass of people who find the FOMO struggle is real.

The vast marketplace of mobile apps that go so much beyond being social, but actually connect other people with moments in your life in real time, has boomed thanks to consumers fear of missing out, and due to this, the practice of life casting is born.

An adaption of live streaming, life casting literally lets you broadcast your life with the world via your mobile phone.

It’s no surprise that Facebook’s lucrative acquisition, Instagram, has decided to launch a carbon copy of popular app Snapchat, solidifying the demand in the market for real-time, video and image sharing platforms.

Live streaming has gone mainstream, and is finding uses in both the consumer and business markets.

No sooner has Instagram launched Instagram Stories but then LinkedIn follows with videos for LinkedIn Influencers.

Video has the power to provide a very real interaction with another person who you may not have had an experience with in day to day life, and is very immersive.

The problem with immersive technologies such as those that use life casting to attract millions of users, is the act of living your life through the screen, rather than actually participating in it and experiencing it.

Humanity and presence has been traded in for a larger audience and the fame hungry millennials would rather get 1000 views than 100 real moments they could recall at a later date.

With a generation so obsessed with their mobile phones and the life that goes on within it, how can you keep control of their activities and ensure productivity whilst they are at school or work?

A quick survey round the office about whether we think the problem is the FOMO or the applications themselves, forms the consensus that it is definitely FOMO.

People hate missing out, and this has actually been a fear long before social media.

Social media just now capitalises on this, and tech companies are leveraging human nature to bring in more and more apps that we just can’t live without. 

This even relates to the popularity of the new app Pokemon Go, which has finally encouraged children to get out of their houses and go to parks and popular landmarks, however players are so immersed in the game through their phones that they are oblivious to the world around them. 

So the trick is, in this day and age, to produce a reality that is so engaging, that millennials want to participate in real life rather than being distracted by the world being shared with them by their smartphone.

Schools and workplaces need to rise to the challenge of creating an engaging environment that uses technology in a positive way to discourage millennials from spending their lives attached to a phone and instead encourages them to use technology to learn and work. 

For additional peace of mind, if productivity is becoming a problem, Smoothwall filter apps like Snapchat and Instagram via our ‘Social Networking Sites’ category when a mobile device is connected to your network.

Thanks to our BYOD technology, you can filter any device connected to your network and ensure that productivity doesn't become an issue. 

If you want to know more about how Smoothwall can help you gain control of a classroom or workforce and ensure that the internet doesn’t became a blocker to productivity, contact our team today on 08701 999 500 or email [email protected]  

Do you agree? Let us know your thoughts on how FOMO is affecting millennials in your school or workplace by leaving your comments below.

Thanks for reading!

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