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23 May 2018

Smoothwall's Women in Tech Series: Briana Perrett

Briana Perrett - Sales Support Executive

Did you know that women currently make up just 17% of tech jobs in the UK? As part of our Tech Inclusion Programme we want to address this gender disparity, encourage more females to consider a role in technology and celebrate the female role models here at Smoothwall. Which is why we’re running a series of interviews with our own women working in tech.

#1 Tell us a little bit about yourself, including your current role and what you like to do in your spare time Currently, I work as a Sales Support Executive with Smoothwall. In my spare time I enjoy a host of things, typically anything that tickles my fancy from traveling, enjoying theatrical productions, to even just spending time with family!

#2 Briefly explain your career to date, including any pivotal moments along the way My career to date has been an adventure, from marketing, to psychology, and now to tech! To explain, I have a degree in psychology, and while pursuing my degree I worked with the campus IT department primarily in the marketing arena. After, I applied with Smoothwall and got the job!

#3 Did you always know that you would work in technology? No! I had minimal experience with technology, and a background in psychology, but I knew I could handle the job!

#4 Women make up only 26% of all tech jobs in the US, what’s your opinion on this? Obviously that's a very low number, but looking at the glass half full, I see that as an opportunity for more women to make their voices known in the tech world, and to be able to show everyone just what they're capable of. It's not just a man's world!

#5 What do you think is the best part of being a woman in the tech industry? The fact that there are so few women in the tech industry, allows for the women in this industry to stand out amongst others. We prove that we have the strength and stamina to stand right alongside the men, defy all odds, and be greats in this business as well.

#6 What has been your greatest moment of success? My greatest moments of success are: when I fail, get back up, and win. Each moment instigates a new level of success that cannot truly be valued without the other.

#7 How do you achieve your own work/life balance? I leave the work at work and do not combine it with my personal life. Some might argue against that, but as long as I'm contributing principles of excellence in both arenas, I'm content.

#8 What career advice would you give a young person who wanted to join the IT profession? Be solution minded and have perseverance. It's like a 5,000 piece puzzle, it may take some time to figure out, but if you have the right pieces (the proper know-how), eventually it will all come together.  

For more information on Smoothwall’s Tech Inclusion Programme, click here. Please comment below with any questions.

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