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Student Safeguarding in a Multi-Academy Trust –
New ways for ensuring joined up and accessible safeguarding data in your MAT

Where sources of child data (eyes and ears, safeguard record keeping, digital monitoring), previously remained independent of each other, technology now permits an integration of data streams to give DSLs a more holistic view of a pupil’s wellbeing. Risks from online behaviour can be seen alongside physical observations or pre-existing vulnerabilities.

This joining up of intelligence increases pupil protection by revealing previously invisible patterns of risk, by ensuring a broader, deeper perspective to ensure a faster and more targeted support intervention as well as providing a body of evidence to support parental and other third party consultation.

CPOMS, MyConcern and Safeguard Record Manager all now integrate with Smoothwall Monitor to give a higher level of pupil protection, DSLs a single point of access and a clearer perspective on each student.

What next?

In these pandemic times, it’s time to reassess your MATs digital safeguarding, route out any weaknesses and ensure your provision is robust enough to properly protect the wellbeing and safety of the students in your care.

Download our latest document ‘#5 Key Ways to Improve Your Digital Safeguarding during Covid-19 – A Guide for Multi-Academy Trusts’ below. Or why not book a no-obligation demo of Smoothwall Monitor and/or Record Manager. Click below to select a date and time of your choosing. Feel free to invite any colleagues along too.

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