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Student Safeguarding in a Multi-Academy Trust –
How to reach vulnerable students who may be suffering in silence

As pupils emerge from lockdown, many factors may have impacted their wellbeing. In many cases, your teachers or DSLs will spot a vulnerable pupil with their eyes and ears. Your teachers especially, will likely know what behaviour is usual or unusual for each pupil and what changes may be a cause for concern.

Their eyes and ears have always been and will continue to be a vital part of student safeguarding.

But what about those children who are showing no outward signs of distress, and/or who are not speaking up. Children sometimes choose not to confide to an adult if they are feeling scared, or uncomfortable, and if they can’t find the words or don’t want to cause any fuss. Or sometimes because they don’t even realise they are in any danger, such as in circumstances of grooming.

The fact is if the schools in your MAT are relying solely on the physical eyes and ears of staff to spot children at risk, you may be missing many who are suffering in silence.

Physical monitoring works hand in hand with proactive digital monitoring. Proactive digital monitoring works by scanning your pupils’ online behaviours and alerting your DSL to any risks or threats detected. If a pupil is viewing content relating to drugs, violence or suicide for example. Or revealing a risk through expressing thoughts and feelings to themselves, or in conversations with others. Whatever it may be. In Smoothwall Monitor, if a risk is detected, a capture is taken. A team of human moderators working 24/7 assess these risks, remove false positives and grade the rest. Low risks are recorded in the system. In the case of a high risk, your DSL will be emailed. In the event of a suspected risk to health or life your nominated staff members will be called day or night.


In 2019 Smoothwall Monitor alerted our schools, colleges and MATs to a pupil facing a
possible risk to their health or life every 90 minutes. That’s over 5000 children who may
have otherwise gone unnoticed or noticed too late.


Proactive Digital Monitoring is your virtual eyes and ears in the online world and is a vital tool in your post lockdown safeguard strategy.

What next?

In these pandemic times, now is not the time to compromise.  It’s time to reassess your MATs digital safeguarding, route out any weaknesses and ensure your provision is robust enough to properly protect the wellbeing and safety of the students in your care.

Download our latest document ‘#5 Key Ways to Improve Your Digital Safeguarding during Covid-19 – A Guide for Multi-Academy Trusts‘ below. Or why not book a no-obligation demo of Smoothwall Monitor. Click below to select a date and time of your choosing. Feel free to invite any colleagues along too.


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